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W3 Digital built this site for the Optima Company, makers of quality picnic baskets, backpacks and food hampers.

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Our Work


OptimaOptima are makers of quality willow picnic baskets and Voyager picnic backpacks, as well as the recently launched gourmet food hampers by Albert Roux.

W3 Digital worked with Optima and their design agency to create an online shop selling their range of picnic products.

The site can be updated in real-time through a content management system.

W3 Digital help Optima's marketing team update the website with seasonal offers, altering the design for Christmas, Valentines and other campaigns.

As the following testimonial shows, Optima and W3 Digital together are really making a difference for Optima:

"The service provided by W3 Digital has been exemplary from the initial building of our site through to their continuing support, which enables us to further develop our profile on the Internet. Their advice and proposals are providing us with an expanding knowledge and confidence to further grow our e-commerce site and explore all aspects of marketing on the Internet.

Their invaluable experience helps us to understand the huge possibilities available on the Internet and their enthusiasm to understand our products and our requirements ensures they provide us with the most suitable technology to keep moving us towards our goals.

As our e-commerce business grows, we shall continue to work in partnership with W3 Digital to ensure we maximise the potential of our website and capitalise on the new low cost marketing mediums such as html email, search engine optimisation and banner advertising."

- The Optima Company.

Visit the Optima Company website: