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W3 Digital - our work - Venturer Electronics Europe

W3 Digital built this site for M, M operates in partnership with leading brands, retailers and telecommunications network providers to uniquely engage with consumers in modern retail environments and expand consumption.

W3 Digital
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Our Work

Venturer Electronics Europe Limited

VenturerVenturer Electronics Europe markets the brand name of the home electricals company Alco Group, based in Hong Kong.

W3 Digital created a website for Venturer that showcases their products and gives their customers a point of reference to find support and spares.

The site conforms to WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) guidelines and is updatable though an administration system.

In an example of how W3 Digital works in close partnership with our clients; Venturer asked W3 Digital to maintain the sites content (via the custom made content management system) due to time constraints within their business.

W3 Digital enabled the FAQ administration to be controlled by Venturer's third party support team. This flexible system allows any part of the administration to be controlled by different personel depending on access rights permission set by a master administrator.

W3 Digital have also created a global portal page. Both the Venturer site and the global page will go live in April 2005.